Over 140 years pharma experience

Why work with us

We set up Innovative Trials to do things differently – to do things efficiently and to do it the right way.

We’re only young but bring wealth of knowledge, as the majority of the team has direct experience working in clinical research within pharmaceutical companies and CROs. From CRAs to study managers, auditors to patient recruitment specialists; we’ve covered most of it! And, the team you see is the team you get - all our clients have access to every member of the team, right to the top, so we can offer you maximum benefit from these experiences.

We are truly global, established from the outset as an international provider of recruitment and retention services. Innovative Trials is headquartered in the UK, with experience working in clinical research in over 60 countries.

We may be smaller than some providers but with that bring efficiencies and flexibility, plus the ability to adapt our processes to work proactively and seamlessly with each and every client.

We place an emphasis on doing things the right way. From the start we have worked with an emphasis on following stringent SOPs, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, all supported by our proprietary integrated tracking software. We’ve established the business from the outset to be seamlessly compatible with the best industry standards. And everything we do is totally transparent, everything is visible to our clients and there is absolutely no mark-up on bought-in services!

More than site kits! A question we get asked all the time is “Do you do more than site kits?” – The answer is yes! We provide a wide range of recruitment and retention tactics, as well as site optimisation services, feasibility assessments and training for sites, sponsors and CRAs. Our co-ordinated packages are designed to ensure recruitment of patients in the shortest possible timeframe and to maximise subject retention in your study.

“After more than 10 years on the ‘sponsor side’ and working with outsourced patient recruitment vendors we were frustrated by the lack of real understanding of what it means to run a whole study and the implications that has on patient recruitment. The lack of traceability and adherence to SOPs was shocking. We realised we could use our experience to do things differently, dare I say, do things better… And Innovative Trials was born!”
Kate Shaw, Patient Recruitment Director, Innovative Trials