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Whatever we do for our clients, we do it the right way and we do it well

Innovative Trials is a full-service provider of first-class patient recruitment and retention solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO industries. We offer bespoke solutions tailored to the exact needs of each and every study.

Our clients range from small independents to large multinationals and single country studies to large, international programmes.

We can offer each of our recruitment and retention services alone, although by providing a complete and robust solution which supports all areas of patient recruitment and retention we can maximise the potential for patient recruitment at each site, helping to complete recruitment for your study on time, or even ahead of schedule.

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Patient and site materials

Patient and site materials services include:

Failing recruitment and increased patient drop-out is a pattern being seen by study teams around the World as study design becomes even more complex and demands on site staff are increasing. You and your sites need some help! Almost every study manager needs assistance in creating awareness materials to drive patients into their study and to develop educational tools for those patients who have committed their time and effort to take part.

Here at Innovative Trials we specialise in creating materials for patients that are engaging, informative, motivating and culturally and therapeutically relevant. Whether you need help getting patients interested, or converting that interest to an enrolled subject, or to help patients along their way once they have enrolled, we can provide you with a tailored solution – no matter how big or small your study.

We also develop materials to aid site staff with the recruitment process and with study management; working with them to facilitate their efforts, improving the quality of research conducted whilst raising the profile of your study at each site.

And don’t think you’re limited to providing your patients and sites just with printed materials, we offer digital solutions that make a real difference at the site and in each patient’s home.

Why not get in touch to discuss different patient and site materials we can provide for your studies!

Site optimisation

How Site Optimisation Solutions benefit our clients:

The Innovative Trials Site Optimisation Solutions team does exactly that, we have specialist clinical staff who are dedicated to liaising with your sites, building relationships and working with them to find new ways of resolving challenges they are facing.

Our Site Optimisation Specialists get to the bottom of recruitment and retention issues at site level before they become a problem.

The challenges faced are unique to every study and we can provide Recruitment Feasibility services to assist in identifying anticipated issues before recruitment even begins. The more proactively we act with each site, the more beneficial it is to your study as a whole. If you would like to find out more about how we can work with your sites, please get in touch and we will give you a call.

Recruitment feasibility

How Site Recruitment Feasibility benefits our clients:

We know from our own experiences managing clinical studies and from talking to our clients that study start-up is a very busy time. Ideally, this is the time to plan ahead to ensure each of your sites can achieve their recruitment goals on, or ahead of, time.

Site Feasibility is a standard practise within clinical research – but we can take this to the next level and conduct Site Recruitment Feasibility. Through one-to-one contact with your sites we discuss their recruitment plans, anticipated challenges and their likelihood of meeting the recruitment targets. Information collated is fed back to the study team in a concise recruitment feasibility report.

Armed with this initial feasibility information we can work with each site to establish exactly what level of recruitment support is required. From here we can create site-specific recruitment plans and only produce Patient and Site materials that will be required by and used by each site, thereby reducing budget spend on unused materials.

Our Site Optimisations Solutions team will then follow up with your sites. They mentor sites through the recruitment period and ensure the tools which are created specifically for them are received and utilised to maximum effect.

At Innovative Trials, Recruitment Feasibility is conducted by clinical research professionals that all have at least 5 years’ clinical research experience.

With 20% of sites traditionally recruiting 80% of patients let's encourage these sites whilst also maximising the patient recruiting potential at the other 80% of sites.

CRA and investigator training & mentoring

CRA and Investigator Training and Mentoring includes:

Site staff and CRAs are working on more studies than ever and at Innovative Trials we are seeing that it is taking its toll on sites’ abilities to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. But there is a simple solution – provide your CRAs and sites with training to help familiarise them with the study and its complexities from the patient’s perspective prior to site initiation. Workshops which enable site staff and CRAs to think upfront about the benefits and challenges from a patient’s perspective will help site staff when presenting the study to patients and will positively impact on the site’s ability to successfully recruit patients.

We would thoroughly recommend that every study plan incorporates a robust training and mentoring programme for sites and CRAs. Initial training can be conducted at the Investigator Meetings, at CRA training sessions prior to site initiation, or as a completely separate and focused event, depending on the specific needs of your study.

Once the sites are activated and recruitment is underway, we can continue to support you by providing ongoing mentoring of your CRAs to keep up the momentum. And to complete the loop, our Site Optimisation Solutions team will work with your sites to help overcome issues they are facing and to connect your sites with your CRAs, a process which will inevitably reduce recruitment timelines and maximise retention at your sites.